Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Almost missed this weeks photo challenge at The Daily Post. Doesn’t get much more simple than this. Quick snapped this with my phone, sun light in the background, straight from the phone. Simple, but love the look on his face.

Soon to be big brother.


How long will this eating binge last?

No, not me. My streak will never be in question. Donovan on the other hand, generally eats like a bird. For a few days now though, he’s been indulging like I’ve never seen him before. Not just bad food that all kids like, but veggies and fruit and meat, oh my! I feel like we’ve had a bit of a break through here. Of course I understand, and expect him to digress from time to time. Or maybe these few days are just a fluke. Either way, it’s made me so happy to see him eat well! Crossing my fingers that it continues.

Happy 1st Birthday Donovan!

Cake. It's not just for breakfast anymore.

Donovan met me at the door for the first time!

Silly boy

Two nights ago my wife converted Donovan’s crib into a toddler bed. I disagreed with the decision at the time, I don’t think he is big enough to get down safely and could easily roll out in his sleep. After two nights though, he seems unscathed. To add to my surprise, he either fell or slid out of his bed this morning and banged on the door this morning. I slowly opened the door and he backed away with his arms up greeting me.

Now the big news is the reasoning for converting to his toddler bed. Shannon is pregnant and we’re going to have two kids!! So we are conditioning Donovan because he will be getting his own toddler bed eventually so the baby can use his crib. The question now is, where to put it all?! We’ve wanted to move for a long time now, and I think the timeline just got moved up a good bit. I highly doubt we can be in a different house before the baby gets here, but one can dream.

This is where it all began.

Well, about 6.5 months before this actually, but you get my point.

Donovan James Lynch - My Son!

Starting fresh with a brand new blog. My self hosted blog was a mess, and the hosting company was no help. I’ve decided to go the free route where I don’t have to deal with administering my own website, so I can focus on writing. That statement makes it sound like I’m a good writer. Well, I’m not. There, now you won’t be disappointed.