A lot has happened in a year.


Wow it’s been almost a year since I last posted. Kendrick is sitting up no problem, crawling with ease, and pulling himself up to standing all the time. Just got done with a bout of Roseola, but hopefully today he is back to normal.


Donovan is a little pistol. Doing great but doesn’t eat well yet or sleep through the night ever. Loves his brother, but the sibling rivalry has started already. He likes to get up in Kendrick’s grill a lot and just generally annoy him. All in all, both are doing great, and they keep us on our toes.

So there is your quick yearly update. OK, hopefully that’s not true, I hope to post more as my free time decreases.


After 3 weeks in the hospital, Kendrick is home.


Kendrick just kept kicking ass and taking names until they had no choice but to send him home. I’m so proud of him, and so glad our entire family is together at home. Note: he came home at 4lb 1oz, still really tiny.

Boo joins Smidgen on his journey.


Kendrick Jack joined us on July 4th! Shannon was calling him boo while he was in the womb, and sure enough he scared us on the 4th. We didn’t know until later, but Shannon had a placental abruption and was rushed away for an emergency c-section. Later we were told that if we got there 10 minutes later, they may not have been able to save the baby. Thank god everything worked the way it did after her water broke.

Kendrick is doing very well. He was born 32 weeks 3 day, and weighed 3 pounds 10 ounces, almost 1 pound heavier than Donovan. This Wednesday will be 3 weeks in the hospital, and it’s looking like he could come home next week! Welcome Kendrick, to Smidgen’s journey.

Smidgen’s journey and mama’s journey.

My wife is pregnant, and has already been on bed rest for 10+ weeks since about week 14. First it was a subchorionic hemorrhage, which is well under control now. The doctor is playing it safe and keeping her on bed rest though. Now contractions are presenting themselves from time to time. So more and more it looks like bed rest (as well as drugs) the rest of the way until the baby is here. Hopefully that is weeks or months down the road though…when Donovan and his little sibling can share their journeys together.

Short legs.

Donovan to spend his first night away from home.

Tonight will be Donovan’s first night away from home (aside from the hospital). Shannon has surgery very early in the morning and it makes sense for him to stay overnight at my parents. I’m not looking forward to it, but I know it’s really killing my wife. It’ll make me sad, but I feel for her. In fact she is stressing more about being away from him than the surgery itself. It’ll all be over in a couple days and then the next time he has to stay away it won’t be so hard.

passed out

Donovan going DOWN stairs!

Donovan has been going up stairs for a while, and I probably should have posted video of that already. Recently though, in the last couple weeks, he has learned to go down stairs. He is gaining confidence fast, so before this is old-hat, here is a video.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

The Daily Post has chosen another easy photo challenge for me: Hope. This photo was taken just 3 days after Donovan was born. Now, the day he was born was the best day of my life, and the scariest. At only 2 lbs 11 oz, and hooked up to machinery and in an incubator, it was countless moments like this that made hope turn into reality.